I began 1986 intensively with the self-instruction of different techniques and
visited resuming courses with considerable artists:

1992 I was student of the artists Ute Patel Missfeldt and J. Rakosi, who lead a silk mark school in the Altmuehltal. There I learned the water color painting on silk,
the characteristic is painting the silk, which becomes strained on a glass plate.

1992 - 1993 I visited the Frankfurt school for mode and Design in Frankfurt A. M.
In this course considerable artists of the Frankfuter Staedels lecturer were, them obtained the basic techniques of graphics and Design.

1993 I was student of the Frankfurt artist Wolfgang Schaub. Likewise a former artist of the Frankfurt Staedels and an excellent indication teacher.

Since 2003 I am occupied with different 3D-Programmen, filters and techniques of the picture position at the PC.



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