1992 participation in several hobby artist markets of the Wetteraukreis.

1992 participation on the day of silk, Workshop, demonstration silk marks on the glass plate, in Kilianstädten.

1993 expo in the Bad Vilbeler cooperative bank.

1993 artists gallery, Bad Vilbel, community exhibition of different art trends

1993 exhibition of the pupils of silk and art mark school in Riedenburg (Altmuehltal)

1994 a community exhibition of the Karbener artists in Sankt Egrêve, France

1994 community exhibition in the Karbener citizen center Marion Schubert and Dorothea Beer, exhibition of different techniques.

12. June 2004 Vernissage "Seelenwelten" in the old synagog of Assenheim in Hessen

03. September 2004 art at the river, an initiative of the KuK Assenehim

21. December 2004, second exhibition "Seelenwelten" in Ralf's Rock Bar, Gelnhausen

18. March 2005, community exhibition “Frühlingszauber”, of the Wetterauer artists in Staden, Hessen. For mor informations please cklick here: www.kreativ-world.de



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