How can I order?

You order by email with all necessary data for the order how:

Your name
Your address
the name of the picture
the desired format
the desired material = > Buetten or canvas
with canvas = > stretched on wooden frame or not
The way you would like to pay like, by bank credit transfer or with PayPal.

 What happens after the email order?

They receive from me immediately an answer with the corresponding to the data for payment for the bank credit transfer. As soon as the money was received, I release the order for the pressure. After receipt of the print, I examine the quality, possibly stretch it on a wooden frame, mark and sign the Number and continue to dispatch it immediately to you. You are held by me over the progress of your order up to date.

 How do I order by Paypal?

Also in this case it is important to communicate that it me all data for your order. Like above with "how can I order?" described.

At present I cannot offer the Paypal service yet. I work on which becomes as fast as possible usable this service for you.

 How long can the supply last?

I am always endeavor the supply so fast, to complete as only possible. Each order for prints goes out immediately to receipt to the print shop. The print shop need depending upon situation concerning orders approx.  2 weeks to produces.

Pure Buetten prints leaves ready for dispatch our studio within 2 weeks.

For canvas pictures , which become strained on wooden frame, we need approx. 2-3 working-days longer.

Depending upon post office way it can last up to 3 weeks, until you hold your unique work in hands. I hold you over the current progress of the supply by email the current conditions.

 Which additional costs arise for me?

The prices are plus postage & packing. Depending upon country and manner of packing the charge for delivery can vary.

They have the possibility a picture completely after your completely personal conceptions to buy relative
I can indicate only standard prices in the Shop.
Please have understanding for it.

In order to be able to serve you as individually and satisfyingly as possible, I selected the purchase order type by email.

 What is the advantage with digitally Fine kind print?

Opposite offset pressures the advantage of digitally Fine Art Prints is the quality. They offer largest detail wealth and a singular "depth effect" on traditional artist and water color papers!

If you liked further information, please write me an email
I’ll answer your questions gladly.