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Art Prints / Digital Fine Art Prints

 "Digital Fine Prints" are printed in the pigment print procedure. Pigment prints are a new generation of high-quality pressures on coated printing on material, like buetten or canvas. They are provided with a resolution up to 1440 dpi. The used pigment ink as well as the printing on materials fulfill highest artistic and conservatorian requirements. They are characterised by an extremely high light resistance.

A professional conclusion treatment for the pressures on canvas lends a durable protective layer to the work against dust, air humidity and UV radiation.

A further reference to canvas pictures: The motive for picture runs around the edge, so that the picture without additional frameworks can be hung up individually. They can acquire a canvas picture on a wood wedge framework from nordic spruce strained, or not stretched.
Not stretched pictures are more favorably in the mode of shipment. I send them in a role and it is not in a large package!


The used wallpaper material is

Buetten - hand made paper :
The pictures become on Buetten paper of the quality: Photo-rise up Inkjet, smooth, bright white (clean-white), 100 % rise up, 308 g/m 2 printed.

The pictures become on canvas of the quality "Canvas Artist" Canvas cotton, 520
µm and Bulldog white DOT printed.


The indicated formats are appoximate values, i.e. it is also possible for desire formats. Please you inquire in this case, in which size your favorite is printable.


The prices of the offered pictures are plus postage & packing. Depending upon country a further charge for delivery can come in addition. Please Inquire!

 Delivery time

Each order is a special order, i.e. for each order a new pressure is provided! Please you understand a somewhat longer delivery time in this connection.
The delivery time amounts to usually 2 - 3 weeks after receipt. Depending upon delivery service (post office or UPS) it can go also faster. You receive a message from me, as soon as the supply is on the way.


By pre pay. You may pay by bank credit transfer or with PayPal.


The order takes place by email.
Please you indicate the name of the picture on to me, the number of items, the desired format, the desired material and your address.
If you should have further questions, you can write me these naturally.

After receipt of your email order you receive the data for payment - in the case of a bank credit transfer - and information about the further process of your order of me immediately.

 Postage & dispatch

The dispatch is excludes I as insured transmission. Pictures without frameworks and/or not strained canvas are dispatched in a role. Canvas pictures stretched on wooden frames are sent away as package.

These are estimated prices, on basis of the fees of the German post office (conditions December 2004) and vary depending upon size and weight of the package.

25,-- € within Germany
35,-- € within Europe
40,-- € into Switzerland
55,-- € world-wide!